Paul Wright

How to Make Money Online


Coach Paul, That’ Me on the Left
Isn’t it strange how Princes and Kings
And Clowns that caper in sawdust strings
And common people like you and me,
We’re builders of Eternity….
Each of us has a set of rules
A shapeless mass and a bag of tools
And each must fashion ere’ life has flown
A Stumbling Block, or a Stepping Stone

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself to you and give you a little background on me so you know that you are actually dealing with a real person here. This website is not one of those computer generated machines that pushes out money making products with a faint promise of riches.

My objective’s for both myself and all of those among you who decide to “tune-in” to my message is to build real relationships with people from around the world and add Valuable Content to the Internet (the true purpose of having an online presence) but hey, lets not make any bones about it, I am here to make money too, but I want to enjoy the journey as well and not just pedal dubious electronic gadgets and suspect products to the masses to become fat and happy.

I have been very fortunate to have lived quite a diverse life, and that does not mean a lucky life that means a life full of Challenges and obstacles.

Factors that have molded me and my life into who I am today as a person, factors that on one hand can be taken as soul destroying and life threatening, yet the only difference between a negative outcome and a positive outcome, is the decisions we all make.

This Website and the processes of working and sharing with others plays a big part of how I perceive my purpose.

Now I am not going to get all weird on you because that’s not who I am. The fact that you now know my life has not been a cake-walk might encourage some of you to take-heart and have a go for yourself.

I am absolutely certain that right now “the beginning of your Online Money Making Journey” is not the time for me to tell you all about me. This is about what I believe I can share. If you are willing to invest some of your time in “Yourself” not me, in “Yourself” not

In Summary my background can be summarized by the following bullet points

  • Paul Wright BEd. P.E. H.E. (Baccalaureate Degree in Exercise Physiology and Health Sciences)
  • Life Coach (also referred to as Success Coach)
  • Self Employed for 15 years Exporting Products Globally from Australia
  • Traveled over 22Million Kilometers around the world over the past 25 years
  • Commenced a Craft Village at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe (when it wasn’t in Ruins) and taught the Beautiful Indigenous People living there to Maximize their product pricing so the tourists would not take advantage of their Generous Nature
  • If you want to take a look at my FaceBook Page you can find it here
  • You might even think about following the ramblings of my Twitter Account for this Blog (if you are going to consider building your own online presence, this is something you should learn to do for yourself)
  • Oh and probably the biggest Challenge of my Life: A New Dad very Soon “Look Out”!

Finally, to all those Miserable and Pathetic people who have made my life so difficult; a Big Thank You! Without having met you I would never have become the strong person I am today (special thanks to Cameron M, Fran K, Barry S, Deborah E, Kim L, Tony V, )